Cartel informativo del workshop.

El consorcio EXO-LEGS se reúne al menos 2 horas semanalmente, estos meeting son imprescindibles como hitos del proyecto. La agenda completa dos días de intenso trabajo para la adopción de soluciones y nuevos compromisos.

Echa un vistazo a la agenda, si quieres saber como trabajamos en este tipo de reuniones:

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1_ Welcome and apologies

2_ Approve Agenda #7, Minutes #6, Matters arising:

  • 14/12/14 Develop rig polycentric knee joint rig    PCM, UGAV
  • 14/13/02/a Upload Level 2 report for partners with version control      UGAV
  • 14/13/02/b Provide test valid/invalid criteria          UPCT
  • 14/13/02/c Time taken by ethical approval process in Germany    KIT
  • 14/13/02/d State in DoW, test results cannot be published          CBSL
  • 14/13/02/e State in DoW, test results not publishable & prepare test assessment Qs      HOAG
  • 14/14/01 Identify remaining work, and result publications UPCT, UGAV, KIT
  • 14/14/03 Provide supplier information and specific recommended material        HOAG
  • 14/14/04 Finalise Basic exoskeleton design by end of October    PCM, UGAV, KIT
  • 14/14/04 Investigate, recommend and test battery options for Basic       MRK, UGAV
  • 14/14/05 Experimental tests for remaining work and task outputs       MRK, UGAV
  • 14/14/06 Provide sampling rates for controllers          GIGA
  • 14/14/07 Provide draft D2g.1 and Basic user interface in 2 weeks   UPCT
  • 14/14/08 Identify possible publications      UGAV, KIT, UPCT
  • 14/15/01 Create overall supplier list       KIT, UGAV, MRK, PCM, HOAG
  • 14/15/01 Agree and finalise functionalities of shared prototype      KIT, HOAG
  • 14/15/01 Finalise functionalities of the UK prototype        CBSL, UGAV
  • 14/20/01 EXO-LEGS Mtg #7, 09-10 April 2014, PCM, Spain      PCM, UGAV


3_ Progress to date on Workpackages

(only active tasks considered from EXO-LEGS work plan):
  • WP1: End users and scenarios (UGAV, KIT, UPCT, CBSL, HOAG, PCM, GAKO)  M1-42
  • WP2: Exoskeleton components (UPCT, all partners except GAKO)      M1-42
  • WP3: System integration, testing and validation        M18-42
  • WP4: Pilot test beds (GAKO, UGAV, KIT UPCT, CBSL, HOAG)           M9-42
  • WP5: Commercialisation (CBSL, all partners)         M1-42
  • WP6: Project management (UGAV, all partners)           M1-42


4_ Any other business

5_ Date of next meeting

6_ End of meeting approximately 17.00 on 10 April 2015


<!– leer la historia completa en: laverdad.es –>